VonDice is known for its iconic appearance-a clear combination of black baseball cap and sunglasses. He advertised his channel as offering “fun-filled slot machine spins and bonus hunting sessions”.VonDice was born and raised in Sweden. He made his fortune with cryptocurrency and moved to Malta to enjoy life with his old friends. Those friends are Roshtein and DeuceAce. With similar interests to them, Andrew began to become a frequent visitor to their Twitch account. On January 29, 2021, Andrew finally made his own slot streaming channel.

A bit of background

As a good friend of a pair of Twitch slot machine legends, VonDice quickly became one of the biggest names in casino games and a major figure in the slot machine streaming community. VonDice plays slot machines almost every day, skipping one or two days every one or two days. His biggest victory so far is the jackpot of 186,500 euros. He won it on the popular Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways (GameArt) slot machine. Andrew, aka VonDice, is a 36-year-old Twitch streamer who has been providing material on various online casinos since February 23, 2021, when his channel was launched. A close buddy of the well-known Roshtein, who debuted him into the streaming world at the start of 2021. DeuceAce and Rosh’s viewers must have seen Andrew during his multiple appearances on their streams. Despite his recent solo debut, VonDice has outstanding statistics, and we can immediately declare that his debut was a success and that the future seems bright for Andrew, the new streamer. VonDice, in his thirties, decides to leave Sweden and start a new life. He relocates to Malta, where he intends to spend some time before permanently settling on this lovely island.  

The Beginnings of VonDice

Andrew is enjoying life with his longtime pals Jay and Roshtein, with the latter urging him to join him in front of the slot machines on his December 31st stream. As viewers discover a new and atypical personality, Andrew encounters a new world. Andrew finds the world of entertainment and rapidly becomes captivated as viewers discover an endearing figure, wholesome and full of comedy, about whom they keep asking again and again. Present during his friend Roshtein’s big wins, such as his 480,200 € spin on Fruit Party or those of DeuceAce, he is quickly dubbed the Human Chestnut by the two Swedish streamers and adds real value to their streams with his Schwarzenegger-like “Unbelievable” accent, jokes, and explosive reactions to his friends’ big wins. Vondice Super Mega Win  

When and Where will VonDice Be Available To Stream?

VonDice is an online gamer that streams on Twitch. While the streamer has a large number of videos on YouTube, he has yet to use the platform’s livestream capability. For the time being, at least. VonDice’s schedule is available on his Twitch channel, however, he doesn’t always fill it up in advance. The Ape loves to have as many possibilities as possible. VonDice, on the other hand, now resides in Sweden and streams from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. West Coast time. The streams are incredibly long, and while Roshtein may not be present at all times, you can count on the Ape crew to provide top-notch gaming action. If VonDice  is noticed at all, it’s because he can make himself laugh, Who else, save himself, would claim to be ‘The biggest Streamer  in the Market’ In this approach, VonDice has cultivated an image that appeals to a wide range of people, not only those who share his enthusiasm for crypto casinos. The number of followers VonDice has demonstrates how genuine and genuine he is. Around 2.5 million people watch his engaging Twitch live streams, and Tein also knows how to bring life to other well-known social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. His fan base is almost adoring, and they always have a reason to rejoice when they see him – not only when another big victory is on the horizon in the crypto casino.  

How Much Money Does VonDice Have?

Wealthy people tend to keep a low profile when it comes to their earnings, but you can guess how much VonDice earns. The general consensus is that VonDice is worth at least $2.8 million, if not more. What brought us to this point? VonDice probably makes about $74,000per month on Twitch from subscriptions and advertising, with around 19,500 monthly subscribers and over 58,000 monthly viewers.Then there’s the ad revenuefrom his YouTube channel, which is likely in the range of 8k $-11k $ per month. That works out to about $80k per month, or $1150k per year.It’s easy to see how he’s worth a million dollars or more. This isn’t even taking into account some of the massive donations he’s received. He also runs a merch store where he sells hoodies, baseball caps, and other memorabilia, but it’s minor in comparison.  

Birth On Twitch

VonDice’s appearances on Roshtein’s and DeuceAce’s shows are growing more common, and people are requesting that he launched his own Twitch channel. VonDice learns how to play slot machines and use streaming software with the help of his two pals, and prepares for the big day with the help of his two friends. VonDice’s debut webcast drew almost 38,000 views. Andrew launched his debut Twitch stream on his own channel on February 23, 2021 at 10 p.m., following a week of teasing. In the case of his friend DeuceAce, one might understand how the aura of Twitch’s number one gambling streamer, Roshtein, influenced the large number of viewers who came to see VonDice’s debut session. More than 42,000 people have registered to see Andrew begin his broadcasting career, and more than 36,000 have already clicked the “follow” button on his Twitch channel. But, to be honest, the personality of this big teddy bear, who has fully conquered the community of slot viewers, is largely responsible for this enormous success. Andrew’s viewers show him a lot of affection and tell him how much they appreciate his liveliness and originality. Its Twitch channel now has over 62,000 followers, with the number rapidly increasing.  

VonDice, The Fortunate Swedish

During his first sessions with his own money, the man known as the Human Chestnut did not lose his abilities. Andrew was able to complete the evening with a subsequent withdrawal on his initial stream, allowing him to play live for a while without having to worry about his cash. VonDice initiates a hunt bonus after increasing his balance to 58,000 €, which pays off in part thanks to a 10,5800 € win on Mystery Museum (including 8,650 € in the bonus alone). Roshtein and Jay join the live to congratulate the great Swedish on his new fantastic lucky hit; once the wager is completed, he will walk away with a 65,000 € payout. The new hunt bonus isn’t looking too fantastic on the second day. But, because the three Swedes are clearly the favorites on Mystery Museum (we’re joking, of course), VonDice wins big again, this time with 6,360 € on this wacky slot machine! Andrew’s third broadcast will be a lucky one as well, with a 36,000 € withdrawal at the end and some very great wins, including more than 13,000 € on The Hand of Midas and some significant wins on the Swedish people’s favorite slot machine.

What about the Followers on his social channels?

VonDice has 162k Twitch followers, 9,864k Instagram followers, and 5,257 Twitter followers. In the last seven days, VonDice streamed for 47 hours, averaging 4,978 viewers and peaking at 16,641. VonDice occasionally streams for 13 hours between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. on Wednesdays. He has 965.754 hours of viewing time.  

VonDice Partnered With Two Casinos

This streamer is known for his winning grin and pleasant manner, as well as his self-proclaimed eternal love and fascination for slots. VonDice is good friends with DeuceAce, who we previously discussed. He’s amassed 169K followers since starting off, and he enjoys chatting with his fans. Two of the casinos with which he has partnered are SlotV and Stake. Stake, a cryptocurrency casino, has become VonDice’s home. Crypto casinos and gambling with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are currently one of the most popular modern-era casino trends. Stake, in particular, is notorious for offering incredible discounts to loyal consumers. VonDice frequently offers a Twitch discount code to his supporters, however, the code is only valid for players in the United States. Stake offers a multitude of other perks that don’t require any codes for those of us who aren’t based in the United States. In fact, VonDice has three years of expertise in the Twitch environment, as well as in live streaming in general, to his credit. The young Swedish man found streaming in 2016, but his “plan” didn’t change until 2019. Since then, he has made money from a variety of sources, including stakes, solid affiliate commissions, game winnings, and his loyal fan following, who actively supports him by streaming and wagering. However, as I previously stated, VonDice is willing to return some of it. The streamer’s success hasn’t gone to his head, and that’s exactly what makes him endearing.  

A Bright Future

VonDice will undoubtedly not stop there, and only time will tell, but he appears to be well on his way to being one of the top online casino streamers, having formed an amazing trio of Swedish streamers with his two buddies. Finally, Lucky7Bonus can only congratulate Andrew on his great launch and wish him more good fortune and enjoyment in the future!