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Best Canadian Bonuses present you on this page the best Exclusive First Deposit Bonuses that you will find on the Canadian Market. Our team spend hours, weeks and sometimes month negotiating with the top casinos’ operators to get you some unique offers. Be sure to enjoy these Exclusive First Deposit Bonuses to the fullest!

Casinos Bonuses exist in many ways. Free Spins Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses, No wagering Bonuses and so many more…

It is completely OK to be skeptical if you are a new player. You should definitely be a little bit from all the offers you see online, let’s be honest!

We can easily create a mental picture. You have already been to a land-based casino, right? What is your memory of it? A waiter passing by with free drinks while you seat and play at a table… Or even some appetizers for you sitting at the slots machine. In our case, with the online casinos, you are at home in front of your screen. They have to come up with different strategies to catch your attention. This is where the bonuses come into play.

The good news here, there is so much competition between all these online casinos, that you can definitely take advantage of the situation here. Explore, try, and select the best options for you with no deposits, a minimum deposit amount, or the all-in game once ready!

In Canada, the most common type of bonus would be the Welcome Bonus. A percentage or amount of money is offered with your first deposit. Those are great ones! Always have a look at the Terms & Conditions of the specific bonus and at the casino Terms & Conditions before starting.