Roshtein! Where do we even begin? The twitch streamer has made his name in Industry and it is definitely for the right reasons!

A bit of background

However, if you didn’t know him before and now you do, it is because he was recently banned on Twitch. But why would twitch ban such a famous streamer that brings them so much revenue and traction! Confusing isn’t it? Apparently, it was a mistake from Twitch’s end. Twitch came out with new rules and regulations that banned the use of Affiliate links for the casino side of things. So, when the casino streamer Roshtein was banned on August 17, many assumed it was due to a violation of the new rules, given Roshtein’s channel had previously included affiliate links. But it wasn’t!

16 hours banned…

However, this isn’t the first time a well-known streamer has been banned from Twitch. Adin Ross, another gaming streamer, has been banned four times for streaming while driving. After 16 hours the ban was lifted and Roshtein was quite relieved, after all, his livelihood was at stake. Nonetheless, let’s get to how Roshtein got to where he is today.

Who is the Swedish Streamer?

He aka Ishmael Swartz is a Swedish man with a strong devotion towards casino games, particularly slots. He first began live-streaming his casino games on twitch in 2015.

The name is a play on the same-named infamous American gambler and kingpin from the 1800s.

He is also a huge football lover, as evident by numerous social media posts in which he’s seen cheering for Sweden’s national team. This streamer is known for wagering big, in addition to having an infectiously friendly demeanor beneath his long hair and helmet. Roshtein’s stake size normally starts at 100 Euros per spin and gradually increases. roshtein-twitch

The beginning

His big break came in 2015 when he won 5,000 Euros and then another 900 Euros just a few minutes later. He now receives around 17 million monthly views and is known for his huge stakes and spectacular winnings. When he first published his live broadcast in 2015, it was uncut and the video quality was poor. Though those initial few streams are not available on twitch, it was evident that he had a long way to go in terms of polishing them. But, over time, he learned and improved his videos, making them much more interesting and engaging.

The Twitch Rockstar

He has amassed a sizable fortune through live streaming. He wins at the slots, receives advertising money, and receives bonuses from the casinos on occasion. It is estimated that he earns roughly $2500 for every video. This enables him to live a rockstar lifestyle and enjoy the luxury. This is evident on his social media accounts. This is why he has such a large following. He’s put in a lot of effort to master the influencer technique of releasing videos and connecting with his “troops,” as he refers to his fans.  

Where can you find Roshtein’s streams?

If you want to watch one of Roshtein’s streams, Twitch is the best place to go. You’ll notice that it’s one of the most popular Twitch feeds, and you’ll see the schedule right away. While Rosh doesn’t play at set times, you’ll notice that he’s frequently on in the afternoons and nights, with some heavy play around 8 p.m. That is, of course, Swedish time, as this casino star is based in Sweden. You may also find some Roshtein videos on Youtube, albeit he only uploads one video per week, which is far less frequent than what you’ll find on Twitch.  

Which games does Roshtein play?

Roshtein’s preferred battleground is the slot machine, but does he have any favorites? It’s a simple Yes or No question. Roshtein, as a top worldwide streamer, plays a variety of games, from high variance slots to reduced volatility games, in order to appeal to a wide range of listeners. He does, however, have a few favorites. Fruit Party, the slot game where he won the most money to date, is still one of his tops games. It’s also one of the most fascinating streams to watch because the slot’s volatility is combined with Roshtein’s typical high stakes, resulting in plenty of roller-coaster ups and downs. Dog House and Book of Dead are two other games that Roshtein frequently plays, both of which are relatively volatile slots that can offer some really huge jackpots. He also occasionally plays games with a lower variance, such as Dead or Alive, which can simulate a thrilling sensation when combined with his aggressively large bets. He has provided some breathtaking moments for his viewers. Without a question, his astounding 2.5 million win on Pragmatic Play’s Fruit Party slot is the most unforgettable. His fans may also watch him place bets on Evolution’s renowned live casino game “Crazy Time” for a chance to win big.  

What are Roshtein’s favorite casinos?

So, where does the famed Roshtein choose to spend his time? While this streamer does not play at only one casino, he does have a few favorites, like Roobet and Stake. The former is most likely one of his favorite hangout spots. While Roobet is well-known and has been around for several years, it is still a newcomer when compared to the larger names.   As a result, the casino is trying hard to attract new players by offering higher bonuses and first-class service in addition to popular gaming streams. Roshtein can also be seen in other places, as many internet casinos aim to acquire compensated relationships with top casino broadcasters in exchange for visibility.  

Roshtein’s net worth

Roshtein self-describes as a “Casino philosopher with incredible technique.” He earns around $112-$1.44k from his five YouTube videos, according to Imagine how much he would make from twitch and his affiliate revenue, contributions, and genuine victories if he made that much from only 5 videos on YouTube. We can’t say for sure, but Roshtein’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.  

You may wonder, are his earnings real or fake?

This is a common question in the gaming community. This is frequently due to the huge stakes of his wagers. He frequently wagers around $50 per spin, which many players find impossible. Some do believe that he is playing with demos or fake money, but this is not the case. He is open about his deposits and even responds to contentious inquiries, demonstrating that he has nothing to hide. Twitch casinos are likewise bound by tight regulations. They risk losing their licenses if they break these rules, which isn’t worth the number of signups they can receive from Roshtein. If he is caught gambling with fraudulent money or engaged in misleading advertising, he might face jail time. We can bet he isn’t willing to take such a risk.  

Roshtein on social media

  1. Instagram: You can see more of Roshtein as a person on Instagram. It’s more about his personal life. He doesn’t talk about his family or girlfriends, but he does share photos from his travels and adventures.
  2. Twitter: Rosh is also active on Twitter, where he has almost 42,000 followers. Roshtein primarily tweets about forthcoming streams and other news. He’ll also retweet anything that other slot players might be interested in.
  3. Youtube: On YouTube, there is also a Roshtein Live channel. Here are a few of the highlights from his gaming career. Despite the fact that his videos have hundreds of thousands of views, he still has a small Twitch following. This is primarily due to Youtube’s gambling-related content prohibitions.
  4. Discord: Of course, Roshtein is on Discord. He has over 48,000 members here, and over a thousand of his fans can be found on this platform at any given moment. It’s a terrific location to meet other people who share your interests, as well as Roshtein himself.