Tyler Niknam goes by the Twitch handle Trainwreckstv. His live slot streams have grown in popularity, and he’s recognized for his sarcasm and outlandish statements.  Fоr а sexist remаrk he mаde in 2017, He wаs bаnned frоm Twitсh fоr five dаys. Niknam is also the host of the Scuffed Podcast, where he interviews other internet personalities about current events.

A bit of background

He was bоrn in 1990, Grew uр рlаying videо gаmes оn the internet. He was reared in Scottsdale, Arizona, but has Iranian roots. He’s a clever person who went to Arizona State University and majored in philosophy. Niknam relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 2021 in order to concentrate on his gambling streams with fewer limitations than in the United States. Tyler Niknam began streaming games and real-life content in 2015. Since Niknam is an active esports and CSGO player, games like Halo, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft are familiar to him. Trаinwreсkstv has been considered оne оf Twitch’s tор amоng USA players and has wоn а code red amоng US Tournament.

Casino feeds from Trainwreckstv are quite popular.

He’s obviously a serious gamer. Tyler encourages other streams to bet together, usually with rather big stakes, and you’ll often see the “Ape gang” gambling live. Despite playing a variety of games such as Among Us and CSGO, the Ape gang’s favorite pastime remains slots. Trainwrecks streams almost every day, and not just briefly, but usually over several hours. When he’s not introducing preferred stake slots, he takes time to chat with his followers. The Stakefans.com community really appreciates the authenticity of TrainwrecksTV. Here the American made it to second place — right behind Roshtein, who has significantly fewer fans, but whose name is a little better known. TrainwrecksTV-The-ape-streamer Even if not everyone plays as successfully as Tyler’s nickname: The streamer’s preference for the crypto casino, Stake.com (English) has been connecting the streamer with his followers more than ever for some time. For us, TrainwrecksTV is by no means a fake player, but someone who simply markets himself very well and remains authentic in every situation – even if, of course, the millions in profit do not always work for a professional like him.

TrainwrecksTv Is A Member Of Which Casino?

Trainwreckstv has made Stake, a cryptocurrency casino, his home. One of the modern era trends in the casino sector right now is crypto casinos and gambling in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Stake, in particular, is well-known for its fantastic deals for loyal customers. Trainwreck frequently has a special Twitch discount code for his fans, however, the coupon is only valid for US players. For those of us who aren’t based in the United States, Stake offers a variety of other benefits that don’t require any codes. In fact, Tyler that three years of his life taking advantage of has to experience Twitch scenes to collect and with live streaming in general. The young American discovered streaming in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2018 that his “strategy” changed. Since then he has used several sources of income: Stakes solid affiliate commissions, the winnings offered in the games, and his fan base, who actively supports him with streaming and wagering. However, as I said, Tyler is happy to give some of it back. His success has by no means go to the streamer’s head, and that’s exactly what makes him likable.  

Tylers’ Top Games

Tyler enjoys casino games, esports, CSGO, and a number of other games. We’ll concentrate on Trainwreckstv casino games because this is a site about casino trends. And on Trainwreckstv, it’s all about slots.

Slots At trainwrecksTv stream

On the Trainwreckstv channel, there are a few favorites that appear frequently, and many of them are high-volatility slots, such as
  • Razor Shаrk
  • Аnkh оf Аnubis
  • Flоаting Dragon
  • Gаtes оf Olympus
  • Book оf Shadows
The Ape group definitely plays more than this, with streams lasting up to half a day. However, these are the games that keep appearing, particularly Razor Shark. It’s no surprise, given that slot streamers are notorious for favoring high variance slots with huge reward possibilities.  

When And Where Can You Stream Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv is a Twitch streamer. While many of his films can be seen on YouTube, the streamer has yet to use the platform’s livestream feature. At least not for the time being. Trainwreckstv’s schedule is listed on his Twitch, albeit he doesn’t always fill it out too far ahead of time. The Ape prefers to keep his options open as much as possible. Trainwreck, on the other hand, streams from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. West Coast time, as he now lives in Vancouver. The streams are extremely long, and while Niknam may not be there at all times, you can expect top-notch gaming activity from the Ape crew. If Trainwrecks gets noticed, it is mainly because he can laugh at himself. Who, besides himself, would voluntarily call themselves “the biggest monkey in the jungle”? In this way, Tyler Niknam has created an image that people love – and certainly not just those who, like him, have a passion for crypto casinos. The follower numbers in particular speak for how authentic and real TrainwrecksTV is. Around 1.5 million people follow his entertaining live streams on Twitch, and Nicknam also skillfully fills the other well-known social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram with life. He is almost adored by the fan community, and they always have a reason to celebrate when they appear – not only when another top win is looming in the crypto casino.

Trainwreckstv On Twitch

Tyler Niknam’s primary social media platform is Twitch, where he has 1.5 million followers.Since 2015, the broadcaster has been on Twitch, but it hasn’t always been about slots and casinos. Niknam is a brilliant entertainer and pundit in general, which contributes to Trainwreckstv’s large fanbase. For example, during the 2020 US presidential elections, he was the second most-watched Twitch streamer. It’s worth noting that 1.5 million Twitch followers are a significant achievement. For reference, here are some other top casino streamers: Xposed has 458k followers, while Roshtein has 982k. trainswreckstv-twitch  

Trainwreckstv On Youtube

Since 2015, Trainwreckstv has also been on YouTube.However, the information on this site is considerably different from that on Twitch. His YouTube videos are far more varied, showcasing the Ape in a variety of situations. There are also films from his Scuffed Podcast, his gaming, CS:GO, and IRL activities, as well as videos with other internet celebrities. Tyler, who is a bit of a fitness freak, likes to flaunt his iron figure every now and then. On YouTube, Trainwreckstv has 189k subscribers.  

Trainwreckstv On Twitter

Tyler Niknam uses the handle Trainwreck instead of Trainwreckstv on Twitter. Many of his tweets are about gambling, with occasional rants against the streaming scene thrown in for good measure. He’ll also tweet weird thoughts that feel a little like a stream of consciousness now and then, making him one of the most genuine streamers out there. Niknam has around 460k Twitter followers and is a rather active user.

Trainwreckstv On Instagram

On Instagram, Niknam goes by his given name rather than Trainwreck or Trainwreckstv. You’ll get a better sense of  TylerNiknam as a person, not just as a streamer, if you follow him on Instagram. You won’t see much of his personal life on this show, but you will see him with his dog, Petunia, hanging out with his friends, and eating protein-rich meals to fuel his bodybuilding sessions. It appears that he had a girlfriend at one point, but it’s unclear whether they’re still together. Niknam has a total of 87.1k Instagram followers.  

What Makes Tyler Unique?

Tyler Niknam’s unique and somewhat loud-mouthed personality is broadcast on Trainwreckstv. Fans love him for his straight-shooting comments, although on a couple of occasions it has bordered on offensive or sexist for some audiences. Trainwreck – or the Ape – is a prolific gamer and a pretty daring gambler, despite the fact that little is known about his personal life, relationship status, or anything else. If you’re looking for a casino streamer with some sharp comments, Trainwreckstv should be on your radar.  

How Much Money Does Trainwreckstv Have?

Wealthy people tend to keep a low profile when it comes to their earnings, but you can guess how much Tyler Niknam earns. The general consensus is that Trainwreckstv is worth at least $2.4 million, if not more. What brought us to this point? Niknam probably makes about $64,000 per month on Twitch from subscriptions and advertising, with around 18,500 monthly subscribers and over 38,000 monthly viewers. Then there’s the ad revenue from his YouTube channel, which is likely in the range of 6k $-9k $ per month. That works out to about $60k per month or $920k per year. It’s easy to see how he’s worth a million dollars or more. This isn’t even taking into account some of the massive donations he’s received. He also runs a merch store where he sells hoodies, baseball caps, and other memorabilia, but it’s minor in comparison. One should not believe everything that TrainwrecksTV states in the Twitch profile. Apparently, the streamer takes pleasure in shocking readers. In any case, we don’t get the impression that steroids are what make him look so good. Most humorous, however, is the explanation about his big nose. Supposedly he needed them to get more pleasure from the football game in college – in favor of an extremely high running speed.  

Want to learn more about Trainwrecks?

If you want to find out more about life and successes, you are welcome to join the community. Updates on the biggest winnings are just as natural there as information about the casino, bonus promotions, and special gaming options. You can experience all of this even without Twitch experience, whether based on the model of the successful streamer TrainwrecksTV or in your own personal way.