Microgaming casino: a basic introduction

Casinos have always been appreciated and hyped throughout the world. Some even call it a “fate tester” for obvious reasons. And do you know that there is much evidence of people coming empty-handed in the Casino and returning home with a bag full of money? So if you want to test your luck and get lucky, then the Casino is the place you might want to go.

And did you know?

Microgaming comes at the top list of gaming software providers. Since Microgaming launched two decades ago, it has been in the mouth of every casino lover. That’s because this company is very consistent in releasing a new game every year. And Microgaming has more than 860 games, and around 24 new games are released every year.

Why is it popular?

One of the reasons it has become so popular across the masses is its progressive jackpot feature. Microgaming’s progressive jackpot can be said to be one of the world’s largest advanced jackpot networks. Currently, a lucky player got 600 million dollars as a winning prize. So how did it come to be? It’s because the company was strategic in hiring a highly efficient software development team that improved all the features of Microgaming. They even made it compatible with smartphones!  

Microgaming’s history

Seeing online casinos’ craze among the people, Microgaming launched in 1994. It then significantly evolved with the advance of modernization. This brisk adaptation kept it on the top list for so many years. It’s amazing how the site developer understood the market very well and launched it at the perfect time. At the beginning of its journey, Gaming club Casino was the only arrow in the quiver. With utter hard work and perseverance, Gaming club Casino still runs today and with the help of Microgaming software. Microgaming_Key-facts  

The Quickfire platform of Microgaming

The quickfire platform is one of the attractive features of Microgaming. Using this technique, Microgaming offers slots or other games to the player. Quickfire also distributes the fun among the players connected to the Microgaming server. And this makes it very advantageous for Microgaming because they can gather all the games in one place and give the players the liberty to choose. Through the Quickfire platform, Microgaming became very famous in the casino world.  

List of top games in Microgaming Casino

We have already discussed how many and diverse the games Microgaming possesses. Based on the number of hours spent on some games, we recommend the ones you should try once in your lifetime. I hope you are very excited to try out these games! Below are some handpick games from our collection.  

Game of Thrones

You shouldn’t be surprised how popular this game is after noticing the fame of its television series. In Game of Thrones, it’s either you spin to win, or you turn for the next time. The animation of this game is spectacular. To play, Microgaming allows for multiplayer. Isn’t it wonderful? So now you can become rich like Lannisters, ride a live dragon-like Khaleesi or fight bravely like Jon Snow.  
  • RTP: 95%
  • Maximum jackpot: 121,000
  • Minimum bet: 0.01

Jurassic world

This game is inspired by the film “Jurassic Park.” If you want to experience some horror, then these high-class dinosaurs will surely entertain you. In this game, you have to spin to win. Jurassic World is a multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends. But just a sweet reminder. Keep your guard up when you are in Creation Lab, Raptor Den, and The Gyrosphere valley. Happy playing!  
  • RTP: 95.45%
  • Maximum jackpot: 100,800
  • Minimum bet: 0.3.

Thunderstruck II

Any casino must play based on Norse Mythology. And yes, there are no exceptions in the casinos that are powered by Microgaming. In this game, you can play with live-action figures like Odin, Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and many other players. It is also a multiplayer game full of great adventures.
  • RTP: 96.65%
  • Maximum jackpot: 120,000
  • Minimum bet: 0.3.

Avalon II

You will undoubtedly enjoy the Arthurian adventure if you play this game. Why? Because the presence of the great King Arthur will keep you hooked for hours!
  • RTP: 95.92%
  • Maximum jackpot: 120,000
  • Minimum bet: 0.01

Best jackpot slide of the Microgaming

Microgaming has a fixed number of jackpots slots. However, people are pretty pleased because it pays its winner in millions. Yes! In millions! You can explore slots like Arina fly being a well-known game in the world of the progressive jackpot.

Did you know?

Both fixed and progressive jackpot slots are present in the Microgaming Casino slot. Fixed jackpots are those games that have set winning rewards regardless of the number of players. On the other hand, the progressive jackpot is the type of jackpot where the reward money solely depends on the number of players participating in that game. So, the more the players, the bigger the winning prize gets! Dr love, Lucky Koi, and Mega Moolah are the most played progressive jackpot created by Microgaming. Some information about these progressive jackpots is listed below.  

Mega Moolah

Megha Moolah is commonly known as the “Millionaire makers.” This game offers their jackpot: the minor, major and mega. The fundamental purpose of this game is to attract people to make a bet. How? By simply spinning the wheel. It only takes as low as 0.25 coins to play with 6.25 coins as its maximum limit. Like the people who want to become rich, you should never underestimate this game.
  • RTP: 88.12%
  • Maximum jackpot: 13,212,882
  • Minimum bet: 0.25.

Major Millions 

Major Millions is a classical progressive jackpot. Being a part of a solid jackpot Casino, Major Millions can turn your fortune by millions over a few spins. From a pile of 15 chances, you have the authority to choose the number of spins, and you have to pay accordingly. It can also give you up to 1.5 million euros if you win. Major millions
  • RTP: 89.37%
  • Maximum jackpot: 8000
  • Minimum bet: 0.2
Other than these above games, the Microgaming casino offers more jackpots that are very addictive and fun to play. So if you want to win big, then opt for this jackpot.  

Microgaming live Casino

Live casino mode is one of the things for which Microgaming is famous. Why? Because it allows you to play against a real Casino dealer without ever stepping out of your house. The ambiance created through this live game is immense, adventurous, and entertaining. It is also tough to keep track of time once you start playing an online Microgaming casino. Some games that are available online are:
  • – Couch potato
  • – Halloweenies
  • – Sterling silver
  • – Party island
  • – The grand journey

Some advantages and disadvantages of Microgaming


  • It provides you with an authentic casino live experience.
  • You can choose across a vast collection of games. More than 850 games are available here.
  • It allows you to have a live Casino-like experience.
  • Mega jackpots are available ALL THE TIME.


  • Microgaming is not yet legal in all countries.

Microgaming and Mobile Casino

Have you noticed how people are generally attached to their phones most of the time? Yes, that includes you too. In 2004, Microgaming launched “Microgaming Go” as the first mobile Casino. And now, Microgaming’s mobile version is played worldwide. Casino games powered by Microgaming are very much compatible with basically every smartphone. At the reach of your pocket, you can now play casino solo or with your friends anytime and anywhere.  

Microgaming Bonus and Rewards

A Microgaming company offers you a welcome bonus if you enroll for the first time. It also introduced perks like monthly and deposited bonuses if you are already a regular customer. Take note! This opportunity remains throughout the year. Sometimes, offers change. However, the chance to receive perks remains the same. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and enjoy your welcome bonus!  

Microgaming and security

A sense of trust and reliance must always remain between the host and the player. And because Microgaming took this matter very seriously, they created eCOGRA to help the top gambling site.

What does eCOGRA do?

The fundamental aim of the eCOGRA is to provide security to online gamblers. It is an independent body that protects all casinos under the Microgaming company. You can also call eCOGRA as the complaint center where you can raise concerns about Microgaming.  

Final Thoughts on Microgaming

If you have read it this far, you now know how Microgaming is a paradise for the gambler. It provides all types of facilities that a casino offers. Its ultra-tech graphics and high-definition sound quality can hook you for hours. If you’re worried about online security, then the eCOGRA takes care of it so that you can play without being concerned about getting scammed. Moreover, the payback of the rewards is relatively easy and fast. So if you are looking for a Casino that’s convenient and fun, then an online Microgaming casino will be your best option.  

FAQ’s About Microgaming


Are Microgaming games safe to play?

Since it is a licensed gambling site, it is entirely safe to play within the Microgaming platform. All games- video gambling or live Casino – are entirely safe to play.

How many games does Microgaming offer?

There are more than 850 games in the Microgaming company. If that’s still not enough, don’t worry! They keep on adding new games every year.   Check NetEnt Game provider