Whenever someone thinks of getting easy money and becoming rich quickly, the word casino pops up. And because gambling is very addictive for so many people, the casino becomes a dopamine paradise for them. So if you are looking for any casino that lets you play anytime and anywhere, then NetEnt will be your ideal option.

What is NetEnt?

NetEnt is the pioneer in the gaming online casino industry. It was initially formed in 1196 and ran on java coding. It adopted the technology change quite fast and transformed itself accordingly. That is why NetEnt is the only favorite for the hardcore casino lover and will be loved in the same way in the future too!  

Reasons why NetEnt is so famous right now 

NetEnt provides an ocean of options, so most online casinos enroll their name in the NetEnt portfolio. Teaming up with NetEnt is attractive because it gives your the utmost satisfaction of playing the online casino.

Is immersive entertainment your top priority?

NetEnt is superior in providing high-definition 3-D graphics and captivating background sound. Furthermore, its gameplay is very organized that it can satisfy your expectations. The high-quality experience never compromises the mobile compatibility of this software. Moreover, it is packed with exciting prizes and surprise gifts that make you like this site even more. So, if you want to have the best casino experience in your life, then NetEnt will never let you down.  

Casinos offering NetEnt games  

NetEnt games always make it to the list of best online casinos. Here are some of the online casinos where people like you very much adore their games:
  1. Vulkan Vegas
  2. Jackpot Village
  3. 888 Vasino
  4. Casigo
  5. 20Bet Casino
NetEnt constantly learns about your choices and can fill any gap in the game. It is one of the reasons why people play this game the most. Because it never compromises quality and performance. It also operates at high speed. Indeed, being top for so many years in the online casino industry is not a piece of cake.


Slots available in NetEnt are very organized. They are rich in quality games too, including classical games. Though each slot does not possess the same number of games, they have the potential to keep you hooked just with their sheer quantity. RTP and Html5 technology ensure no lag in your gameplay so that you can enjoy every moment uninterrupted. No wonder NetEnt makes the top list when searching for the best online games. Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Dead or Alive 2 are their most popular, and you might have played some of them. Netent_Gonzo Quest

Jackpot Slots and Progressive Jackpot

Keep your hopes high if you aim to win a lot of money in one go. The Progressive Jackpot is applicable for any bet in a particular game. There are two ways of collecting bets for the online casino: placing bets in a specific casino or players in the entire server making a bet. The first option implies that the player is making bets for the Progressive Jackpot in the NetEnt casino. Meanwhile, the second option means you have started a mega jackpot, and all the players connected to that server can participate.  

If we calculate statistically…

…the chance of winning a large bet is more in the second option. So the bet you place in the second option is more than that of the first.

From the records..

Mega Jackpot is quite popular. Mega Fortune™, powered by the NetEnt, sits on the record of holding the biggest Jackpot in the history of online casinos. The winner of this Jackpot made 17.85 million euros out of this deal. Did you know? It does not lag when played using your mobile phone. And in 2015, a person made 8.5 million euros through progressive Jackpot just by playing on his mobile.  

More games offered by NetEnt

Their massive popularity and fantastic gameplay experience are in the mouth of every casino lover. Below are some of their popular games you might want to try.  

Mega Fortune Dreams

You can make 17 million out of this game, and your successor also has the opportunity of good reward money.
  • RTP:96%
  • Max jackpot:40,000
  • Min bet: 0.01

Arabian Night

This game is pretty simple and offers you a tremendous amount of money as winning Jackpot. In addition, earning a Genie lamp provides you with a multiplier option.
  • – RTP:96.25%
  • – Max jackpot:2,400,000
  • – Min bet: 0.01

Hall of Gods

It is one of those classic games based on Norse Mythology. If you are a fan of Thor from the avengers, then this game will be a paradise for you.
  • RTP:95.3%
  • Max jackpot:5,000,000
  • Min bet: 0.01

Other games by NetEnt

They offer you all sorts of games, and their technical team always keeps their list updated. If you’re wondering, the “Net Entertainment” fantastically boosts the online casino culture. So if you are someone who purely enjoys thrill and suspense, then NetEnt can bring the real-life casino experience right into your house. They provide online and offline games — including live video poker and many non-live games. So if the thrill of the casino enthralls and captivates you, then you have come to the right place.  

Penniless NetEnt slots

If you want to try this game without spending any money, you can go to CasinoTopsOnline.com. You can also visit the player section on NetEnt’s official page. Though you can not take your winnings, you will have unlimited free coins. And it allows you to play your favorite game more efficiently. Why? You can spend many enjoyable hours without even spending any real money.  

What countries are their games available in?

CasinoTopsOnline did a marvelous job arranging different NetEnt casinos, bonuses, and games in a single list. Suppose you belong to Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, and other EU countries. These casinos are user-friendly and are loaded with many offers. They also offer you welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses if you meet specific conditions. So, if this interests you, make sure that you go through the game’s guide before playing to gain maximum profit from it.  

What are the Pros and Cons?

 Every coin has two sides. Similarly, Netent contains some advantages and disadvantages too. The benefits are as follows:
  1. It includes a vast collection of games.
  2. It provides you with a real casino-like experience and a high operating system.
  3. You will find it very thrilling, and it has an unlimited number of live dealer game providers.
  4. It is available in almost all casinos.
  Some of its disadvantages are:
  1. It is still not legal in many countries.
  2. Time-consuming as you might probably spend hours playing their games.
  3. Very addictive.

Mobile casino – the game changer?

It’s undeniable how most of us have access to mobile phones. So NetEnt has made great efforts to make it highly compatible with the mobile browser through HTML5. That is why you can now enjoy the NetEnt games whenever you want. Moreover, it does not depend on your phone, whether in android or iOS, as it runs smoothly on both devices.  

NetEnt’s partnership

  Partnerships indeed help any company grow fast, and NetEnt is a partner with many reputable casinos worldwide. As a result, they can create trustworthy clients over the years. Now NetEnt has been able to establish a partnership with Amelco, USA. They also found a healthy relationship with the European market, such as in Denmark.

Reliance on the NetEnt

NetEnt is very trustworthy, and you can play their games on any platform. You don’t have to fear getting scammed in the online casino game anymore. NetEnt is fully licensed, and you can trust it with your eyes closed. You can now place any bets on the NetEnt game with complete confidence.  

Closing thought 

If you want to earn some money with all the frills and thrills, NetEnt games are the best options available.  


How many NetEnt are currently available?

There are more than 200 games available on NetEnt. There are also different slots from where you can choose your favorite games.  

In how many countries can I play the NetEnt game?

NetEnt is still getting the license to launch its game in all the countries. Currently, NetEnt games are available in 16 countries, namely the UK, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden.  

Are NetEnt games worth it?

NetEnt games have everything that it takes to become a perfect game. Moreover, it is very trustworthy in terms of payment. So NetEnt is perfectly worthy of your time.