Twitch, without a doubt, is one of the leading live-streaming platforms. It caters to the diverse interests of its millions of users. It is home to a wide range of streamers who bring a range of flavors to the platform. However, Twitch developers initially intended it to be a paradise for online players to demonstrate their abilities. Even as a viewer, you may engage directly with your favorite characters, making it more engaging than any other platform. That is precisely why they are also raking in massive bucks in addition to their large audience.

The rise of Twitch streaming in Canada

In recent years, Canada has seen a significant rise in the number of personalities of the Twitch streaming industry. If you are thinking about the top twitch streamers in Canada that can amuse you, there are many to choose from. But we want to help you narrow down your options. Here are the Top 10 Twitch streamers in Canada that garner the most significant crowds every time they go live.  

Top 10 Twitch streamers in Canada

1. Shroud

(Total followers: 9.4 million)

Shroud Mike Grzesiek was indeed the best twitch steamer from Canada. He is a Counter-Strike pro who made a career out of streaming. His combination of high-level FPS abilities and a down-to-earth attitude makes him one of the world’s most viewed streams. If you are interested, he was born in Mississauga, Ontario. Shroud is also one of the first streaming personalities to be offered a multi-million dollar deal to quit Twitch.

He plays for teams like Exertus.

Shroud had been a player for teams including Exertus, Slow Motion, Manajuma, and Cloud9’s CS: GO team, while he was starting as a professional gamer. Before switching to Twitch, he streams primarily on Mixer, a failed gaming website. In addition, he has worked with companies like Hyper X and Madrinas Coffee. He also has a YouTube account where you can find his uploaded streams.

He’s behind one of Twitch’s top ten most-watched channels.

A former Counter-Strike player, Shroud is also responsible for one of Twitch’s top ten most-watched channels. He left the competitive scene in favor of a much more flexible and profitable job as a streamer.

Shroud’s connection with Twitch.

Shroud’s connection with Twitch has been fascinating; although he is now back on the platform, a rival paid him to leave Twitch. Nevertheless, Twitch convincing him back to the venue proves that establishing alternative streaming services is very tough since viewers are more loyal to platforms than individuals.  

2  Pokimane

(Total followers: 8.1 M)

Image Anys, nicknamed “Pokimane,” is one of the internet’s most famous female streamers. And Pokimane already had 8.1 million followers in 2021. This Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer gained fame by playing League of Legends and performing Fortnite streams. She also gets involved in the Just Chatting and IRL categories, encouraging her fans to interact with her outside of the game realm. She posts videos on her YouTube channel about old gaming streams and vlogs.

How Pokimane rose to stardom.

She began streaming in 2013 and has since risen to become one of the platform’s top 100 most followed streamers. Pokimane has never won any other accolades except this one. Still, she continued collaborating with Twitch on many occasions and has grown her channel to one of the top ten most followed on the platform. Lately, she developed an interest in Minecraft and has been live-streaming it on her Twitch channel for the last several weeks. She is also a part of Offline TV, including Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang, William ‘Scarra’ Li, Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki, and Michael Reeves. Pokimane has won many awards during her streaming career, including Twitch Streamer of the Year. Her viewing figures also keep rising and frequently keep tens of thousands of people hooked on her unique content style.  

3   xQc

(Total followers: 6 M)

Félix Lengyel, born in Laval, Quebec, is another former Esport pro turned full-time streamer. xQcs’ enthusiasm and interest in meme culture, his abilities, skills were best suited to a life of streaming. As a diverse streamer, xQc also secured a full-time contract with Luminosity Gaming, a Canadian esports organization. He was recognized for Esports Awards and Canadian Game Awards streaming awards. His upbeat attitude and legitimate abilities help keep his viewers engaged. And a glance at the list of most-streamed games reveals something interesting.

One of the rising stars.

xQc is one of the rising numbers of celebrities that devote a lot of time to play slots on-stream. This undoubtedly motivates more people to check out the best online slot games, many of which are accessible in Canada. His captivating character comes from his boundless energy and genuine emotions. Formerly one of the greatest Tank players in Overwatch, he is currently enjoying the internet and his two million-strong fan base. In xQc’s stream, there is never a dull moment.  


4. Disguised Toast

(Total followers: 2 M)

For almost a year, Jeremy Wang wore a toast mask until he inadvertently revealed his true face live streaming in 2016. Since then, he has gained a vast 2 million followers. Toast also gained a significant following with Among Us. He was well-known for creating meme decks that he used against his opponents and for his Hearthstone content. He also decided to make mythology and information films to fit in with the Reddit material he made out. Because there wasn’t a lot of competition in his content area, he gained many followers fast.

Toast as a full-time streamer.

Toast chose to become a full-time streamer in 2016. And in October of the same year, the OfflineTV team asked him to join and live with them. Despite some immigration difficulties in early 2018, he was eventually allowed to join them in late 2018. Disguised Toast is a slew of Twitch streamers who have signed exclusive deals with Facebook. However, Disguised Toast was banned from Twitch in 2021 for viewing an outdated PUBG montage.  

5. Gosu

(Total followers:1.9 M)

Gosu, from Canada, is one of the most followed personalities in Twitch. While he hasn’t had a broadcast in four months, it’s hard to ignore Gosu’s effect in his eight years on Twitch. He was able to amass almost two million followers due to his outstanding League of Legends abilities. Even more remarkable is the fact that, unlike many of the world’s most famous people, he manages to keep his personal life private, and his actual name is not even in the public domain at the time. This demonstrates that you can be a top streamer while avoiding a lot of the negative attention of this lifestyle.  

6. Alinity

(Total followers: 1.4 M)

Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon is a well-known streamer and online celebrity from Columbia who now lives in Canada. She’s been engaged in many controversies since she began her streaming career. She has also had mental and physical problems since she was a child. Because of that, her relatives assumed she was looking for attention. And her issues eventually led her to drop out of medical school.

Alinity and her fame in the streaming realm.

This break ultimately opened up the streaming realm to her, and she climbed to prominence rapidly. She typically plays World of Warcraft and Apex Legends and has also taken part in IRL streams. She began streaming on Twitch in 2012 and currently has more than 1.4 million subscribers. Alinity also encourages mental health awareness when playing video games. One time, when Alinity was streaming, her cat Milo interrupted her. Then she there Milo away through the top of her head that raged her viewers. Since the incident, she has faced a lot of criticism.  

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7. STPeach

(Total followers: 1.1 M)

STPeach has a growing number of Twitch followers, with 1.1 million followers and rising. This Canadian girl’s channel is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down. Her regular schedule has a lot to do with establishing and sustaining momentum. She is also one of the best streamers in Canada who focuses on speaking with viewers instead of solely playing games. However, she still manages to put in plenty of hours in games like League of Legends and Fortnite and lead her followers through her exercise routines and remain in shape in general.  

8. 39daph

(Total followers: 908 K)

39daph or Daphne (born 3 September 1998) is a Canadian Twitch, Instagram, and Internet Personality. She gained fame through the Twitch channel and has been featured in several videos available on the internet, making her very popular in Canada. She has a sizable fan base, and her live streams of anime-inspired digital illustrations also helped her get a lot of attention. In February 2020, she released a YouTube video titled “family reunion” where other twitch stars appeared with her. She is one of the best streamers in Canada with a very supportive fan base, leading to 908k followers.  

9. TheOddOne

(Total followers: 839K)

Brian Wyllie was born in Calgary, Alberta, and began Twitch broadcasting in 2012. You will recognize him for his work in League of Legends and as a member of Team SoloMid. At present, TheOddOne considers himself a variety streamer, having experimented with a wide range of games, including his favorite, WarCraft 3. Yes, there are a variety of other excellent Canadian Twitch streamers available. Still, TheOddOne attracts many followers because he always tries to play new games.  

10. Troydan

(Total followers: 502 k)

Troydan is a Twitch streamer who often uploads videos on the internet. He primarily plays the NBA 2K series, although he enjoys a wide range of video games. Troy is also a highly accomplished person who earned every ounce of success through hard work and determination. He began playing the NBA video game during his school days. So when Troydan learned about Twitch, a website where his buddies streamed video game footage, he began exploring the website too. And after experimenting with social media, he fell in love with the concept of streaming videos of his favorite content. So he began building a following base after streaming a few entertaining videos on Twitch, which prompted him to explore other social media sites. His Twitch account, ‘TroydanGaming,’ has over 500 thousand followers.