To have a casino streamer from Malta is no strange coincidence. Why? Because Malta is where Bidule hails from. And if you are an avid online casino player, you must be familiar with Malta Gaming authority for sure! But for those of you who don’t, the Malta Gaming authority licenses most of the online casinos around.

Who is Bidule?

Bidule, sometimes known as Le Bidule, is a French casino streamer stationed in Malta. He’s especially attuned to the francophone audience. He’s an enthusiastic person with a fantastic sense of humor. And you can feel his excitement even if your French isn’t up to par.

A real-life Frenchman.

Bidule, who goes by Adrien in real life, is a 23-year-old Frenchman. Because gambling restrictions in France are notoriously strict, the young man relocated to Malta, where numerous internet casinos reside. He has lived in Malta since 2018 and became the most popular Twitch streamer in France in the Slots area (online casino with gaming licenses / regulated). He has over 150,000 subscribers across all platforms and streams 4 to 5 times each week on Twitch. If you want to see his game highlights, you can watch them on his Youtube channel.  

How popular is Bidule?

Bidule is the most popular Twitch streamer in France, especially in the Slots area (online casino with gaming licenses / regulated). He has over 150,000 subscribers across all platforms and streams 4 to 5 times each week on Twitch. Bidule also launched the Lucky7bonus site in 2019, which functions similarly to the Teufeurs site.

How does Bidule set himself apart from other casino streams?

Bidule distinguishes himself from other casino streams by playing various table games. Blackjack is a game that requires both talent and strategy, and he became an expert in this field. It’s incredible to watch him take on the dealers and get away with massive winnings. You can tell he’s got a good head on his shoulders based on his Blackjack skills. Even so, Bidule is a genuine, down-to-earth man who exudes positive energy and is always up for a good time. These are incredible skills, and you can see them in action in his Crazy Time and Mega Ball streams.   Bidule_Portrait  

When and where can you find Bidule?

When Bidule doesn’t have a set streaming schedule, you can generally find him around 6 p.m. (European time) during the week. For us Canadians, that’s practically the afternoon. But if you cannot attend in person, recordings of the event will be available on his YouTube channel. Adrien uploads at least two videos per week on average. There are also playlists for Roulette, Blackjack, Best of, Big Wins, and Feats on the Bidule Youtube channel, where you can frequently find TeufeurS, another famous broadcaster.  

Which games does Bidule bet on?

Slots are a large part of Bidule’s gameplay, as they are for many other casino streamers. But some of you know him for table games like blackjack and roulette. But, of course, Bidule also enjoys conventional casino games such as blackjack and roulette. In his several broadcasts, he tested his skills with croupiers in live blackjack and roulette games, often winning big. He’s also a great admirer of Evolution Gaming’s live game programs, such as Crazy Time and Mega Ball, the latter of which gave him his biggest victory to date — €313,900. Le Bidule can, of course, be accessed in streaming slots. High volatility slots, such as Dog House, are usually popular because they can produce large payouts. Book of the Dead is another popular Bidule game.  

What are Bidule’s favorite casinos?

Bidule is a young man with a lot of bustles. That implies he’s always making arrangements with online casinos to promote them. Because his following is predominantly French, several of the casinos he plays, such as Fatboss and Tortuga, cater to French players. Unfortunately, these don’t always offer Canadians or international players the finest terms. You can check out Stake Casino, Caxino, or Mr. Green if you want to test a Bidule casino with better offerings if you are outside of France. All of these have a good selection of games and promos.  

Bidule’s Networth

Bidule – Twitch Highlights’ average earnings per video range from $24 to $172. And his estimated net worth is between $13.6 thousand and $80.1 thousand. Multiple parameters, such as monthly views, country, subscribers, and user interaction, are used to compute the net worth. Based on these metrics, we estimate that Bidule – Twitch Highlights earns between $299 and $2.1 thousand a month from their YouTube channel.  
  • *These figures are based on Google’s CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Sponsored adverts and selling their own products may cost the creator extra money.

Rumors related to Bidule and his net worth

Adrien, famously known as Bidule, relocated to Malta from France in 2018. Some speculate that he transferred to evade France’s high tax rate. And why to Malta? Because it is a well-known tax haven. Any businessperson, in fact, would probably choose to do the same if given the opportunity. That is why there are so many businesses registered there. Bidule is also rumored to force his subscribers to play at illegal casino sites, according to some of the more cruel rumors. But that’s crazy because, first and foremost, you can’t force people to play. Second, while Le Bidule is a hustler who isn’t afraid to team up with internet casinos, he ensures they are all legal and transparent. Whether you agree with me or not, scamming people won’t help you create a career like his.

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Bidule on social media

  1. Twitch: Any streamer’s home base is Twitch, where Bidule has over 93,800 followers. The majority of the conversation is in French. However, if you’re simply there to see Bidule do his thing, the language shouldn’t be an issue because his expressions speak for themselves.
  2. Youtube: Bidule videos abound on YouTube, where Adrien has over 37,300 subscribers. The channel is well-organized, and you can easily navigate between the playlists or scroll through all of Bidule’s videos.
  3. Instagram: While the LeBidule Instagram is known for featuring a lot of gambling-related photos, Adrien also uses it to express personal experiences. His 21k followers have seen him out and about in sunny Malta, horsing around with friends and even grabbing a drink with other well-known streamers such as Roshtein.
  4. Twitter: Bidule has been a Twitter user since 2013, and he is always posting links to his broadcasts, gambling news, and hilarious videos.

Bidule is the Rising casino streaming star

Bidule has shown himself to be a strong Blackjack and Roulette player. Check out his streams if you want to see how a professional does it. He also does well on live game shows such as Crazy Time and Megaball. It’s not only about winning, though; his friendly and generous demeanor is what makes his Twitch so popular. Although his streams are in French, the games and phrases are international. It’s impossible to miss Bidule’s full immersion in the game as he shouts and laughs into the camera. To top it all, this young Frenchman also has a great deal of charisma.