Some people play online gambling games to earn a profit, and they are also there to enjoy. Just like other games, crash gambling games are becoming the new normal. Did you know that these games are mostly related to crypto casinos? Crash games are an innovative way of earning money, and gamers who want to make money invest a wager in these games. You can play these games everywhere, and more and more people love these gambling games too. These are social gambling games where multiple players participate, and any one of them can “crash” at any time. It is a fun, new, and simple game. There are many Crash gambling games available in Canada.  

How does a crash game work?

To play crash gambling games, you need to make an account on any online casinos that have crash games. After entering a deposit, you are free to play as many crash games as you like. You will need to put on a bet to start a crash game through any currencies that the game supports. After making a bet, you can start with your game. Take note that there are lines on the crash gambling that go upwards. This upwards movement means that your bet is being multiplied, and the line will go to some specific limit and then crash. The period you have between this movement is to free out cash whenever you feel like it. You can set it automatically too.   The amount cashed out before the crash is your winning amount. And if you don’t take it out, you lose the bet. So, you have to wait for another round to place another bet. Crash games are all about prediction because you don’t know when the line will crash. Generally, it happens anywhere when your betting amount is at the start or even when it has become 100x. However, the crash can appear soon when the line increases, so it is better to cash out beforehand.   There are many crash betting formats: Real-time, cryptocurrency, and Counter-Strike- Global Offence (CS-GO). You can play real-time crash betting using real money. The cryptocurrency crash betting uses Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum. While the CS-GO uses things within the game apart from using money, like skin, loot cases, and boxes.  

Top crash gambling games in Canada

Here’s a list of some of the best crash gambling games that people can go after and earn profit. We know there are many games, so we list down some top-rated games to make it easy for you.  

1. F777 Fighter Game

The F777 Fighter crash gambling multiplayer game was released in 2021. It has a multilingual interface and accepts all currencies, including crypto. This game is very popular as has many amazing details like shooter, landing gear, pilot’s catapult, fire cutter, etc. The theme is aviation, and the RTP is 95%. You can find the F777 Fighter game in 1Win Casino. It is a dynamic game with numerous betting options, various jackpots, and free spins.   There is also a bonus feature in the F777 Fighter game. It keeps the bet multiplied by the coefficient of the aerial refuelling aircraft at 20%, 40%, and 60%. The game is played simultaneously by every player. After you place your bet, the game round starts. Once it has started, you will see the first multiplier coefficient, and when the aircraft crashes, it means it ended. After this, you collect your winning amount if you haven’t lost. The F777 Fighter game also has a progressive jackpot where your bet can exceed 3x.  

2. Live Crash Game

Live Crash, created by One Touch, is one of the most outstanding multiplayer games available on BitCasino. It supports BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, LTC, TRX, and EOS. It is available in different languages too. The RTP slot is 96% which is great. The coefficient of this game can range from 1x to 1,000,000x. Based on Provably Fair Technologies, each round is different. Because of that, the game is fair to all its players. The minimum amount wager is 0.05mBTC or any crypto for a player to play this game. The players can put the bet up to 10mBTC or equivalent cryptocurrency. The game starts with the fiery machine which is running towards the moon. It then moves in an upward direction and increases every time. The machine-level will be the coefficient multiplied by your betting amount. There is an option of “cash-out” to receive your earnings before the machine crashes.  

3. Cash or Crash Game

You can find this game in 1Win Casino. You have to be aware that it only supports USD, EUR, BTC, and ETH. It has a multilingual interface, a 99.95% RTP rate, and includes a 20 steps paytable ladder. You can also win up to 18,000x to 50,000x of your betting amount. This game aims to climb the ladder for as many steps as possible. But to climb it you will need a green ball. There are 28 balls, 19 green ones, and nine red ones, and it also has a golden ball. When you get a green ball, you will be able to climb one step given three options: continue, take half, or take all. The golden ball provides you with a chance to play until a red ball appears. It also increases your payout. The last red ball helps break the shield created by the golden ball. And in case you don’t have a shield, your round will end.  

4. Space XY Game

Space XY is the first-ever space crash game introduced by Games. This game is pretty easy to play where you get to fly a spacecraft towards the galactic interspace. To start playing, you must put a wager. There are two directions, X and Y, and your spacecraft soars through them. The spacecraft adds coefficient to the bet by going higher, and there is a probability to gain 10,000x of the bet. You can also maximize your profits by putting additional bets between the games. When the spacecraft explodes, it means that your time is up. Space XY is a fantastic game that gives you a thrilling and entertaining time.  

5. Aviator Game

Spribe has created this new crash gambling type of social multiplayer game with a rising curve that can crash at any point. When the round begins, a multiplier scale begins to grow. Before the lucky plane takes off, you must cash out. Aviator by Spribe is a game with high returns that aren’t included in most casino promotions. You can play this game at 1Win Casino and it accepts USD, EUR, BTC, ETH. The RTP rate of this game is 97% and lies under Provably Fair. The thing about this game is that it is 100% fair, and no third party can interfere. It also has an Aviator Aviarance that you can along. When the game ends, the top player receives additional prizes. And when you register in 1Win Casino, you will get some free bonuses and spins for playing this game. Aviator  

6. Trust Dice Crash Game

Trust Dice casino introduced its own crash game. The RTP rate of this game is 98.5%, and it supports many tokens like ETH, BTC, TRUST, VITA, USDT, EOS, and USDC. TrustDice crash comes under the Provably Fair gaming, and it also has a wagering reward which is given among the top 10 players who will receive around 0.002 BTC to 0.005 BTC. In this game, a line graph goes upwards and adds a multiplier. When the multiplier stops, it turns red then it will be declared as “crashed”. There is a 6 seconds break between each round. The game also has an automatic mode, where the player can create their own desired strategy.  

7. ThunderCrash Game

Thunder crash is an epic space game and you can play this game in Ignition Casino. It accepts currencies like USD, EUR, BTC, and ETH.  The game has high-end graphics, an auto cash-out option, a grand prize of more than 127,660 CAD, and a rapidly growing coefficient/multiplier. To play this game, you will have to place a bet, and after some seconds, your game will start. This game has three phases: Flight Thunder Crash, Pilot Controls, and The 127,660 CAD Payout.  


These are the top 7 crash gambling games available in Canada. You will find all of these games very entertaining and is absolutely a great way of earning. If you want to gamble, these crash games are wonderful places you can explore. All the RTPs of these games are above 95%, which is excellent. They also offer an auto cash-out option, so you don’t have to lose money. You can ace these games and earn more than your place betting amount with the right strategies and tactics.