Impact of Digital World on Casinos

With time, the whole world has turned digital. Even the gambling industry is accepting cryptocurrency, a digitized form of currency. Not all games are played with actual money. Cryptocurrency has made all games fun-filled and safe. Even the traditional games in the gambling industry like roulette are played online with secured and updated software. Now, it is time for you to play roulette online from anywhere you wish

Mostly, every online casino offers roulette in their list as a game to be played for entertainment. Many people enter the online casino world simply to enjoy roulette. However, few rogue casinos scam people of their money. Players must check the authenticity of any website before playing any games. There is no doubt that the blackjack table with the red and white wheel is the preferred corner of all casino lovers. But, nothing is as comfortable as playing online at your convenience than traveling to casinos.

Roulette is Fun

Roulette, the ‘Queen of the Fortune Game’, is a remarkable discovery of the gambling industry. It is fascinating to see how the game is acknowledged both in traditional and online casinos. Though it is played differently in American roulette and European roulette and French roulette, still they are enjoyed in all countries.

The best part of playing online is that all players’ identity is hidden. Online offers a great deal because you never need to worry about cheating players or the house. The roulette physics that is applied on in-land casinos doesn’t work online. You’re simply playing the odds which are preferred by many players. You will simply use certain buttons provided by the game to play your bets, refresh the game, or continue the same game.

Roulette Guide

Roulette is a common game found in every in-land and online casino. A small ball is thrown into a revolving wheel that has 38 pockets, each with numbers on it. All the pockets are colored red and black with at least one green slot on all wheels. The motive of the game is to bet on the number where the ball will land on, after spinning wheel halts. Thus, before the wheel starts spinning, players place their bets on their desired numbers and wait for the spin to stop to see if their prediction was right.

The European and the French versions have 37 number slots with 18 red colors and 18 black colors and a green zero slot. On the other hand, the American roulette has 38 version slots with two green slots, each containing single zero and double zeros consecutively.

Basic Guide of Playing In-Land Roulette 

You get chips that are different in color or design from other players. The dealer will spin the wheel, and you need to place your bet on the numbers displayed on the table before the spinning starts. You can’t change your bet as soon as the croupier closes betting and spins the wheel. After the spin stops, the ball will land on a number and you’ll be paid if you win any of your bets. Take the chips and return to the cashier counter to get your money. Simple!

Online Guide To Play ROulette Online 

It’s played the same way as it is played in a traditional casino, but without any croupier. Online it is much simpler and every version starts after you pick one or more bets. This is done by clicking on the board at the place that represents your chosen bet. In a standard online roulette, you will get ample time to place bets. However, while playing live online, you will have to place the bet within the specified time. After placing the bet, you can click on the button to spin the wheel or wait for the live dealer to spin. Look out for the ball and pray that it stops at your number. If you win you get a prize or cash in your eWallet, if you don’t, then better luck next time.

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Types of Roulette Bets

Various bets are placed while playing roulette. Each bet has unique payouts and odds of winning. You place as many bets as you wish in one game, so don’t just stick to one bet. But, beginners should always start gradually before understanding the game completely. Although there are various types of bets, they all fall into two categories: inside bets and outside bets. Let’s understand each of them.

Inside Bets 

Inside bets are placed on the inside section of the table, which is closer to the center. They’re placed directly on the 0 to 36 numbers (also 00 while playing American roulette). There is a very low chance of winning these bets, but they also have higher payouts. There are 5 categories of inside bets:

  1. Straight Up is a single-number bet. You place your bet on just one number in the row. You will win only when the ball stops on a specific number.
  2. Split is a bet placed on two numbers adjacent to each other. Place your bet on the line dividing the two numbers on the screen. You win when the ball stops on either of the two numbers.
  3. Street or Three Line is a bet placed on all three numbers on the line. It is also called the trio bet. You will win when the ball stops on any of the three numbers.
  4. Corner is a setup where the bet is placed on four numbers that make up a square on the screen. You will win when the ball lands on any of the 4 numbers.
  5. Six Lines or Lines is an alignment where you place your bet on two neighboring lines on the screen. You place your bet on numbers on the same line in the street, but overlapping two streets. The player wins when the ball lands on any of the six numbers.

Outside Bets 

An outside bet is an option where you place the bet on the outside sections of the board. It is away from the center. These bets have lower payout because there are higher chances of winning the bets. Varieties of bets are placed on matching pairs. Each bet covers at least 18 numbers. There are five types of outside bets that can be played:

  1. Red/Black bet is as simple as it states. The bet is either on the red slot or the black slot. You will win when the ball lands on the number and color you choose.
  2. Odd/Even is simply a bet to choose an odd or even number. You’ll be declared a winner when the ball lands on the odd or even number you selected.
  3. High/Low bet consists of two ranges of numbers, high numbers (1-18), and low numbers (19-36). You can place your bet on any range of numbers and win or lose the game.
  4. Dozen bet is placed on the screen board consisting of 36 numbers and 1 zero (also, 00 in American roulette). Dozen bet means you’re placing your bet on either the first set of 12 numbers, the second set of 12 numbers, or the third set of 12 numbers. If the ball lands on any of the numbers from your chosen set, then you’re the winner.
  5. Column is an option where the bet is placed on one of the three columns of numbers. You can pick the number on the 2 to 1 space at the bottom of a column of numbers. The winner’s ball will land on any number in the column chosen.

Best Bets for Beginners 

Even though you have the urge to earn more money and your adrenaline is pumping, hoping to bet on higher payouts, it is wise to stick to outside bets. They have less payout, but the chances of winning are more. As a beginner, it takes time to understand any game. Sticking to Odd/Even, Red/Black, and High//Low will give you the best chance of earning some money. When you play roulette online, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that a number is ‘due’, or a certain betting pattern assures winning the bet. This is not an in-land casino, it is being driven by software, and therefore chances of winning are unpredictable because the ball doesn’t remember its movement. However, three strategies are used frequently online to play roulette.

Strategies to Play Roulette Online 

  • The Martingale System is the most popular and common strategy used by online players. According to the strategy, the moment you lose, you increase your bets so that when you win you cover up the loss.
  • The D’Alembert System is similar to the above system. The bets are placed on the even-money areas of the screen. However, instead of increasing the bets after losing, the player adds one unit to the stake and also decreases the stake by one unit after winning.
  • The Fibonacci System is the safest method of winning. According to the strategy, you place the bet on a sequence where the next number you select is the sum of the previous two numbers selected. So the sequence goes like this: 1-1-2-3-5-8 and so on.

That is the basics of playing roulette online. You’ll be glad to know there are different ways of playing roulette online. Some play it free just for fun, while some play with money. So, online you’re getting a chance to practice while playing for free.