If you love interpreting graphs, then crash betting is the game for you. Crash Gambling is an incredibly easy game that can be learned in a few minutes. Most crash betting gaming sites will have just one live game of Crash running. It includes a line that keeps going up and further up, and suddenly it crashes. While it is going up, it helps in multiplying your bet. You can withdraw money whenever you want before it crashes. If you take out cash before it falls, you win and keep the money otherwise you lose the game and the whole bet money.

There are both discussed manual and automated cash-out options in every crash betting game.

The automated option sets a margin at which the software will automatically cash out once reaching the margin. For the manual option, players have to click on the button once they feel they need to cash out to receive payment. Crash gambling is one of the easiest games that are played on various websites. It is increasing in popularity in the online gaming industry. However, there are quite a handful of sites where players can enjoy crash gambling.

Best Crash Gambling Sites

As we mentioned above, it is always good to play with authentic and reliable sites. So, we have gathered a list of the best sites where a player can enjoy crash gambling games –
  1. TrustDice

TrustDice is a famous player in the online casino market that provides multiple payment methods. You can use USDT, EOS, BTC, and ETH at TrustDice to enjoy crash gambling. Once you start playing at TrustDice, you will also get a chance to earn up to 2000x of the original bet. The house edge is 1.5%. If you are the last one to cash out from the betting, then you also win a bonus percentage based upon the size of your bet. TrustDice is a user-friendly site that also gives a chance to play small rounds for free.
  1. Bustabit

Bustabit has been in the online casino world since 2014. It offers each player an option to win up to 73.98 Bitcoins in every game. The site provides a house edge of 1%. Many players have logged off from Bustabit after playing for years and earning digital gold.
  1. Roobet

Roobet is known as the money-making rocket in the online casino world. Players have earned more than 15,000 USD while playing Roobet crash gambling. The site has a house edge of 2% and it accepts only Bitcoins and Ethereum. They also have a VIP program, but the eligibility criteria are ambiguous.

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roobet-crash-587 by BCB
  1. Ethercrash

Ethercrash is new in the gambling world which has a base of Bustabit. The site accepts payments in Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, most people use Ethereum to play in Ethercrash. So, players depositing Bitcoin in Ethercrash will end up playing with ETH because those Bitcoins will be converted to ETH. The winning amounts earned are as high as in other online casinos. It also has the smallest house edge which is under 1%. With minimum bets and minimum winning amount, there are high chances of winning a game in Ethercrash.
  1. Moon 3D

Moon 3D is also like Roobet providing space travel-themed crash games.  The USP of Moon3D is that it doesn’t play on the multiplier limit, you can win more than 100K x the original bet. The 3 last players are the top players who remain longest in the game and receive a bonus. The house edge in Moon3D is also huge from 5 % to 3%.
  1. NanoGames

NanoGames is an online site focusing on social aspects like friend clubs, dedicated discord servers, etc. The friendly essence of this site attracts various players. The site accepts different payment methods like the in-house CUB token, Dogecoin, Banano, Ethereum, Nano, and Bitcoin. The house edge in NanoGames is quite low, which is, 1%.
  1. CrashBTC

CrashBTC is a social Bitcoin gambling site with no limit on winning the amount. However, there is one small condition during the live betting – If the house is losing more than 3%, then all the players receive instant cash out. This situation occurs rarely but whenever it happens, be prepared to receive a certain amount of payout. The house edge in CrashBTC falls between 0 and 1%. 1% of each bet is also given as a bonus to the last player who cashes out.
  1. Gameonline

    The site provides various bonuses, the moment you sign in. But the house edge is 1%. They provide plenty of bonuses even to a player who finds a bug that is creating an unfair game. You can also move to BC. A game with Chartbeathere people discusses anything from Arts to memes. This online gambling site is a great way of making friends and chatting with them all day.
  1. OneHash

    OneHash runs a mutual betting system in which all bets are added together and the payoffs are calculated and distributed among the bunch of players in the winning bets. The crash game on this site is known as Moon. However, the house edge of OneHash is not specified in the game and there is no auto cash out option available in manual settings.
  1. Stake

    Stake provides players a sleek and polished platform. They use around 130 different cryptocurrencies for payment methods. Earlier this game was called Chartbet, but with increased demand, it was redesigned to make it more competitive. The house edge provided by Stake is 1% which makes your chances of winning quite high.
It doesn’t matter where you plan to play crash gambling, always use the best strategies to move smoothly and win maximum chances.

The process to play crash gambling

  1. Place your bet.
  2. Set automatic or manual cash-out multiplier.
  3. Click on the back button to start the game. If the game is already going on you will get the best icon button for the next round.
  4. To manually cash out, you need to tap on the cash out button whenever you are ready to do so.

Other Commands 

  • On Loss – It is used to increase or decrease wager when the player is losing the game.
  • On Win – It is used to increase or decrease the stake when the player is winning the game.
  • Limit on Max Bet – You can’t stop the betting automatically when the amount reaches the highest point.
  • Stop on Loss – If you lose a lot in the betting you can click on the automatic button to stop the bet automatically.
  • Stop on Profit – When you have gained enough profit, you can stop the auto bet by clicking on the button.

Things to consider before selecting a Crash Gambling Casino

  1. Licensed and Authorized online Casino

The internet is full of scammers, so it is important to play at a reliable and trustworthy site. It is not easy to verify the legitimacy of any site online, but through third-party scripts, a player can verify the crash betting algorithm and its fairness. Another best way to check the authenticity of the site is by consulting real players. We can provide you with the list of the best crash gaming platforms where you can play with full dedication.
  1. House Edge

The house edge will tell you the advantage of the casino over your bets. In crash gambling, the casino gets an advantage when the multiplier crashes the moment it starts. The multiplier is at 1.00x which can vary in different casinos but the best sites usually use 1 to 2%.
  1. Auto Bet and auto cash out in Crash Gambling games

Always play on the site where auto bet and auto cash out options are provided. You can still play manually if the auto functions are not available, but the automatic setting is a much easier option than manual settings. Playing with automatic settings helps you avoid losing potential wins due to loss of internet connection.
  1. Payment Methods for Crash Gambling

Most online casinos accept cryptocurrency to give you a smooth betting experience. Still, several payment methods can be used while playing this game –
  • CS: GO Crash Gambling allows players to use loot boxes, cases, and skins that are types of currencies used in popular esports.
  • Coin Brash Gambling includes regular currency like USD and EUR.
  • Crypto Crash Gambling allows usage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. which can be deposited and withdrawn during the game.
  1. Bonuses

Authentic and reliable crash gambling sites offer various bonuses to attract more players. These lucrative offers are free money, spin the wheel, unlock free Bitcoins, etc. In all bonuses, these reliable sites ensure that players get some benefits that can be used during the game.